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Out with the old, in with the new

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

If Covid-19 is teaching us anything it's how to pivot. Businesses that were previously unable to work remotely, within the week had created and established systems to enable working from home. Schools, fixed on delivering education within a building suddenly finding ways to deliver education via Teams. GPs providing online consultations, physiotherapists taking their hands off and giving patients ownership of their recovery, inspiration by zoom, letters to relatives. CoVid-19 has been a time for rapid change, but also a time to pause and reflect. So as me return to normal it's worth taking this hiatus in our existence to decide how we want normal to look, what can we create for ourselves as put back together the pieces of our lives.

Ask yourself?

What are the bit of my pre-civid life i really missed?

What did I enjoy not doing?

What do I value - does the way I was living (am currently living) support these values?

What do I want my new normal to look like?

It might not be possible to bin all of your old life, but perhaps this pause might give you chance to take steps towards shaping the new.

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